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Businessman or artisan: how to choose your own path of business development

There are two categories of entrepreneurs: businessmen and artisans. The author of the article claims that there is a significant difference between these concepts, which depends on the life position of the individual. What do you want: to develop or earn at any cost? What brings more pleasure: success or a quality product? The essence of this antagonism is analyzed in detail in a new article.

A post from the Kramola series. But sedition is not always a lie. Most often the opposite. The article is proposed for discussion.

Actually, there is one social mechanism leading to the prosperity of a rational society. This is a ban on business in the sense of entrepreneurship (goals of increasing capital; profit).

It was so in the USSR and China. In the USSR, this disappeared for the same reasons as in China: the man himself did not want to live without this “drug”. Entrepreneurship in the nature of human ego is the same as bloodthirstiness in a wolf.

Please note that the concepts of “business” and “business” are not identical. The line is determined by only one factor: the desire / lack thereof to increase profits.

What is in return? Craft.

Craft is a way to provide utility to other people in exchange, not counting on an increase in value added. There is no goal in the craft, no profit. A shoemaker, potter, baker or medicine man (like artisans) does not advertise himself. They simply are in a famous place – everyone knows about them (if that). Some Chinese or Japanese martial artist either trained students, or was engaged in calligraphy and carpentry. One could say anything about him in the sense of human sins, but never about greed, greed (entrepreneurship).

But the system of bread stalls, unlike a baker – or a law firm, unlike a lawyer – is already a business (the desire to get value added). And from this moment (from the moment the thoughts about income appeared), the competition begins: the germ of robbery, strife, wars.

Competition has the wrong meaning. Competition is the result of a certain state of affairs, and not a special tool for improving quality. A good master is determined by life, not by the Antimonopoly Committee. But, when the “pack of wolves” (entrepreneurs) were nevertheless released into the wild, of course, the mechanism to deter their greed becomes popular.

Ask yourself: if you started to grow your business, then for what purpose? The answer on the surface: greed or fear.

The meaning of the post is not to discount business. You can not destroy the “wolves” simply because their essence is wolf. But everyone can think: is it really business for them – this is the way to happiness. I’ll tell you as a former owner of more than one business: this is a very unpleasant business. Like a suitcase without a handle. I don’t think the great Jobs was happy with the business. And if there was, then it was not from the desire to increase it, but from creativity, innovation, inventing, searching for ideas to improve one’s business, even if this improvement was saturated with the ego.

We here, it seems, are not all righteous and are saturated with ego from the top of the head to the heels. By the way, many millionaires can confirm this to you: they did not seek to increase … to have more. Just when their product became good, people reached for it. The line has created their business. And then the jungle already swallowed them. Many are still trying to break free, but only a truly enlightened one can give up the drug. I hope they are not among the readers of this post. Someone said well: “To become free, you need to lose everything.” So those who want to do business need to do it. How else to find out that there is no happiness in him?

Conclusion. Business and craft is not a legal or economic form of relationships between people. This is different. This is the bloated ego of people in the first case, and their creativity in the second.

One thing is clear. Children can already be told “what is good and what is bad” (business or craft). With all the exaggeration, I believe that Jobs’s business was more like a craft than any restaurant that is created today by a smart businessman who is ready to easily bend under power, because he has something to lose. The artisan has nothing to lose. He is self-sufficient.

Another thing is the high skill of the artisan. This is where you can strive. Hone. And do not accumulate.

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