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How to make interesting and custom presentation slides

The slides of many presentations are made as if by carbon paper! The same big-headed white men walking in formation or holding various objects in their hands, the “partnership” is certainly depicted with a handshake, etc.
Such slides can be found in 95% of presentations.

Which of these can be concluded?

Such slides are very difficult to single out in the mass of people like them, and therefore it is difficult to remember! A person who looked at two similarly designed photos before your presentation has the impression that he has been watching your presentation for about two hours, and that specifically you have already tired of it with this order. Although you did not.

It must be different!

The slides of your presentation should be bright and juicy! Metaphors are fresh and unbroken. This is the best opportunity to stand out from other presentations – after all, contrasts are always noticeable! Therefore, look for custom clipart.

How to come up with interesting and unusual metaphors?

Inspiration is an insidious thing – it can turn away at any moment or not appear in your eyes for months, stumbling unclear where! And we understand this, as a rule, the day before the performance, just when we start preparing slides 🙂

There are 3 quick ways to create creative ideas.

1. The similarity of functions.

Suppose we need to illustrate the “partnership” that has snapped at everyone. What is a partnership? Partnership is a combination of efforts and resources to achieve a common goal. Now let’s think about what objects or phenomena also fit this definition.

I got the following options:

Next, go to the photo stocks such as and select the appropriate pictures.

2. Based on works of art.

Say we would like to portray competition. We ask our friends and acquaintances to name the first film, book or fairy tale that came to their mind.

Interviewing my friends, I got the following list:
Star Wars;
The Simpsons;
Three Musketeers;
Gingerbread man;
Let’s go:

3. From hopelessness!

It happens that the Internet is not able to provide the images you need. And then we have no choice but to pick up improvised tools and create drawings ourselves. Take for example the notorious big-headed men.

How can I replace them:
Draw yourself and scan;
Take a picture of an analogue of a man;
Take a picture of a real person;
It looks something like this:


To be like everyone else, not stand out and merge with the environment – this is the instinct of survival inherent in us by nature! But the market survives the one who can stand out among the rest! Rather, it can be compared with the instinct of reproduction, when the only chance for the male to continue his genus is to attract the attention of the female, standing out from other males!

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