Top 10 violations of IP: for what and how often punish entrepreneurs
We give examples of violations by entrepreneurs of the rules for reporting, calculating and paying mandatory payments; explain how to avoid fines, administrative and criminal liability The procedure for calculating…

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Reporting IP at UTII (with employees) in 2017
This article presents a list of reports, indicating the terms and forms used in 2017, which must be submitted to individual entrepreneurs by UTII, if there are employees, to the…

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Registration of individual entrepreneurs at UTII in 2020
UTII is one of the most profitable business taxation systems in our country. It is very popular among activities such as retail, passenger transportation, veterinary services, domestic services, catering services…

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Mottos, slogans, slogans for your business training

I offer to the attention of the public who wants to earn rubles, their rhyming lines used in different periods. After all, for the sake of a red word, customers rush to the catcher!

More attention to the individual in the name of rustling cash!

Who understands the meaning of a masterpiece, has dollars and euros.

Be observant, like Proust, then you will hear the bucks crunch!

Normality is the road to nowhere. Be “strange” — and the Client will suddenly say ” YES!”.

To live in the world is very sad without margins and without Art!

It is high time to understand: the basis of business is a game!

In a whirlwind of creative rage, a sale is made!

Imagine yourself a hero, and we’ll bury the profits in the garden!

Today Carlson, tomorrow-don Juan, as soon as the money poured into your pocket!

Instead of “screwing up the nuts” , start learning stories!

For businesses of any kind, freedom is more important than profit!

Today, the winner is the one who knows the best joke!

Emotions are the source of money! And therefore-run to the training!

Do not interfere with beer and vodka, do not disturb the life of the transaction.

One of the characteristic features — we have a race, then a concert!

The outcome of the game is unclear, but that’s why it is beautiful!

Do you want to become a significant figure? Enjoy the business procedure.

Keep the right price for a sufficient margin!

Extravagant approaches promise a lot of income!

One of the modern truths: lucky is the one who is unselfish!

No quality system is possible without trickery!

Then only we are needed when we know how to be gentle!

Please be kind — and maybe avoid the abyss.

There are many intonations in life. Feel free to change!

Seminar by visiting sell positive!

Comrade, take advantage of the moment: art has become a tool!

Incomprehensible to the mind, there is a thread from “hamlet” to “Mumu”.

Balance of fantasy and meaning — here’s the art of rocker!

Chestnuts and nasturtiums bloom at the tip of any instruction.

You can’t describe a rhythm-infused life with an algorithm.

Today there is a demand for your ear, throat, nose! As well as other parts necessary for happiness!

Save up tricks and tricks for daily training!

Any of us in the life of Jung is not yet aware of Jung!

When learning new concepts, don’t forget contraception!

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