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Russian business prospects in 2019: entrepreneur’s opinion

Entrepreneur Denis Martynov shares forecasts for the development of business trends in 2019: which sector of the market will grow more actively than the rest, which will be stable; explains what changes in business approaches – from automation and modernization — it is important to pay special attention to

What the year 2019 will differ from past years? Where to direct the entrepreneur’s energy to develop the business and earn income? This article is not intended to give a list of “things to do and make money”, I want to share my vision of the situation and some conclusions about doing business in 2019.

I will note immediately, this article is for entrepreneurs, for those who want to open their own business and earn income, improving people’s lives. For those who are focused on getting results through their own painstaking work. And not for those who are looking for ways to get rich quickly by getting working algorithms and”white schemes”. I would very much like to read this article, an entrepreneur to think and build a way to build a business taking into account the undeniable existing factors in our country. Examples and conclusions are given only to encourage you to take action-to think, analyze, and create something new that is in demand by society.

To begin with, a small analysis of the situation in the country, based not on reports on GDP and other “rosy statistics”, but on practical experience and knowledge of the course of hostilities. Unshakable factors and conclusions for the entrepreneur:
State control is being tightened: increasing the VAT rate, introducing electronic control over the turnover of funds, tax on the self-employed, raising excise taxes on fuel, and so on. Conclusion: create the most legitimate business; think about how to secure the business when it will generate revenue and become noticeable!
The number of unemployed and people living below the poverty line has steadily increased, passing the 22 million mark. Conclusion: offer people a monotonous, monotonous job that does not require analysis and special knowledge. Tie this monotonous work into a single chain with the completed cycle.
Automation of business processes. The cuts will continue. Conclusion: analyze how you can automate your business by replacing expensive staff with algorithms. Pay attention to new forms of interaction with the client: CRM systems, loyalty programs, and so on.
Money in the hands of the population is becoming less and less. Conclusion: create diversified businesses that will allow you to make money on one thing. For example, in the hotel business, you can create a travel Agency, your own buses on the sea, and so on. The entire chain can operate at cost, providing revenue only from the sale of hotel rooms. Join other non-core businesses and support each other.
Next, understand what category of people you serve in your business, and based on this, build a business model:
Those who go with the flow, give up on everything, give up and wait for manna from heaven. These clients need ready-made solutions that do not require confirmation: casinos, lotteries, paid clinics, trainings “how to create a business from scratch and get rich in one day!”, micro and macro loans, mortgages, installment payments.
Those who are trying to somehow survive. Save money. Offer them early decision-making services that can save money. Bonuses, discounts, cashbacks, loyalty systems. Here are those who are trying to open a sole proprietor or some business of their own. Clear and understandable instructions: do so and so! Legal, economic, and legal support. Business clubs and communities.
Those who have earned a more or less tolerable capital and now the main task is to preserve the acquired. The most difficult and unpredictable category. They value stability, guarantees, and reliability.
“The celestials”, which is of little interest to the cost of gasoline. They are looking for new experiences and new services. Hone your product to perfection, pay attention to the smallest details, become number one.
2019 has come, and we need to understand that the time of “buy-sell” has passed. At the beginning of the 2000s, you could buy a product, multiply it by two and sell it in a month (in the worst case). Until 2014, there was a period of improvement in service and quality of service. This is a time for non-traditional relationships. Yes! Not in the sense of sexual non-traditional relationships, but in the sense that your attitude to what is happening and your relationship with others largely determines your final result.

Pay attention to relationships: relationships with your colleagues, subordinates, and supervisors. Keep these relationships as much as possible, because at the right time and in the right place, these relationships will be much more useful than the opportunity to take out a loan at 12% per annum.

2019 has come, a time of oversupply of goods and services:
There is no problem to rent a room — there is a problem to rent a room;
There is no problem to find a hotel for recreation — there is a problem to fill the hotel with vacationers;
In construction, the time has come for the customer to work directly with work teams, there is no need for service and guarantees;
The time when the taxi driver “earned money”, has sunk into oblivion. Now taxi aggregators earn money. Think! If you are able to create such an aggregator, then your time has come.
The year 2019 has come, and it has its own laws and its own value systems:
Forget that someone will help and support you — count only on yourself;
Don’t get lost in political and economic analysis — just do your job!
Don’t follow the crowd. Highlight. As soon as you feel that you are being carried by the crowd-get out, pull away. Now it is fashionable to create online schools. “I am a young mother, I opened an online school for raising children and earned 86,000 rubles in the first month!”Really! Yes, it may be so. But just copying this model, you will only earn hemorrhoids, and your money will go to the” founding father ” of this system;
Do only what you do best. What fills you with energy;
Do not repeat your previous experience and the experience of others, but bring new models that simplify or improve life. The more innovative the idea, the more viable it is;
The situation will not improve. The competition is going to get tougher every year. Set yourself apart from others! Be visible!
In any case, no matter what niche of business you choose, try to be closer to the customer. And it’s not just about opening a store in a residential area. This is about listening to your client and having a constant dialogue with them.

Take a pen and write down the niches that will be successful if you take them professionally. To date, there is a disastrous lack of:
qualified call centers;
labor exchanges with training and guaranteed employment;
business schools for children;
centers of spiritual and physical health;
electronic mobile systems that bring the buyer and seller together, for example, ” legal support»;
residential and commercial real estate rentals;
health food supermarkets.
And finally, an example of a business that is already operating, which takes into account all of the above factors. Delivery of cars from Japan through the preferential system of customs duties. Sale of cars to the final buyer at a price 40 % lower than the market, a guarantee to buy a car after a year of operation, the possibility of installments for 3 years, providing cars for rent to taxi services and individuals, providing jobs for the poor on these cars, a platform for servicing Japanese cars: auto tuning, your own taxi company, cars for parties and weddings, disassembly of cars for spare parts, the purchase of broken left-handed cars.

It’s 2019, and this business is working!

But don’t make the mistake of following the crowd that will open their own taxi company of Japanese cars after reading the article. Create your own business model — this will be the most promising niche in 2019!

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