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How to create an office where you want to live: tips, rules, and life hacks

An office is a place where people fight daily, close deals, and celebrate victories. Of course, many people have started working remotely, but most people still stand in the morning traffic, hurrying to their workplace. It is in the office that a person spends half of his life. How do I make an office a place I want to live in? What influences the overall atmosphere? Why do candidates choose not only the company, but also the table at which they will work? And why should business owners understand art? We will talk about this in the article

From white walls to PsP and recreation areas

Since the end of the last century, the office has traditionally been associated with a boring place. White walls, gray tiles, cheap work desks whose paneling was constantly torn off by employees… Around-Wallpaper, on top — false ceilings and long lamps with white light. It lasted exactly as long as the employer does not understand his employees have a choice. The choice to stay or go to a company where it is comfortable to sit in a chair and work at a Desk. People wanted the office to reflect them at least a little.

This launched a second trend-recreation areas with PsP, pear chairs, bright walls and table tennis. People were comfortable being in such a friendly office, taking selfies and working hard at the same time. Employers began to buy Board games and add office descriptions to each job: loft style, PsP, open-space… In a couple of years, all the offices of companies where young people worked became similar to each other so much, as if they were drawn under a carbon copy. The trend went down. Employees have played enough games, it became inconvenient for them to sink into the chairs-bags. People could leave the office late at night, work seven days a week, and take no vacations. And they didn’t do it because of the new set-top box — work began to leave less time for the house. It was necessary to find a new idea and retain employees.

Office as a home

Given the speed limits at which employees work, employers have decided that they need an office where they want to stay. It became necessary to erase the line between the office and the house, fill the space with meaning and make it as cozy as possible. There was an idea to make the office atypical, more like an office in the house or a good living room. But how?
Photo: Yuri Grishko

Use space in a different way

We are used to each meter having its own purpose. Sometimes it is useful to change it, especially if you have an interesting layout. For example, wide window sills or a private terrace.

Life hack: window sills can be turned into an additional workplace or a cozy recreation area. In the first case, the window sill expands, smoothly passing into the desktop. In the second — add a blanket and pillows. The work area can be made even from a normal balcony, not to mention a terrace. It is enough to insulate the space, install a countertop and put chairs — this technique is often used in coffee shops.

Not everything needs to be demolished

Very often, the walls of offices that are tightly sealed with drywall are brickwork of incredible beauty. The same can be said about communications that hide fake traffic jams.

Life hack: sometimes raw walls look much more harmonious than any modern finish. If you find a brick under the Wallpaper, you can restore it and no longer hide it. Communications are often a very beautiful pattern, if you paint them, the problem with finishing the ceiling is solved by itself.

Add natural materials

They give the room that very atmosphere of comfort. Take the same tree — a person is much more pleasant to sit at such a table, touch a warm material and study a section of wood, than to negotiate at a table made of plastic. Wood is a universal material. It makes excellent consoles, countertops, cabinets and window sills.

Life hack: in addition to wood, you can use fabrics. For example, at “flea markets” you can buy carpets of incredible beauty made of natural materials. Surprisingly, these carpets are rarely old-fashioned and do not cause associations with carpets “from the wall”. Such products fit perfectly into the interior, harmonize with the wood and generally create a very homely, chamber atmosphere.

Making sense

It is not uncommon for people to literally live at work. This affects: a person no longer wants the facelessness and “varnishing” of the office, since he is forced to stay there most of the day. From this came the idea of independently filling the room with meaning. How do employees “create” their work space?

1. Paintings

People are increasingly becoming interested in art. To buy a picture of your favorite artist is no longer a whim and not the lot of narrow circles. The same modern art has retained its uniqueness, but it has become much more accessible — a person can buy a work from an auction, where prices start from 6-8 thousand rubles.
Photo: Yuri Grishko. A copy of Vladimir Nesterov’s painting “Earth listens” in the office of a law firm

2. Photo

Employees care about knowing whose picture is hanging over their conference table. “Filling space with meaning” does not mean that you need to buy expensive works from great photographers. Each of us has close people who do something unique. For example, a country house in the Caucasus is decorated with photos of a relative of the owner, who lives literally “across the mountain”. A woman photographs nature, and the works come out really masterpiece.

3. Wall paintings by artists

Who wants to work in a boring office when you can sit down at a laptop in a nearby cafe or work in a beautiful hotel lobby? A modern office can compete with other public spaces by painting walls, which is another trend in office decoration. This allows you to make the office a place for meetings, communication, joint dinners, where you are not ashamed to invite a business partner. This is an atypical way to decorate a space that makes the office a “home away from home”.
Example of wall painting in an office that we equipped

The place where we work is a great space for creativity. You can always return the flipcharts and pears, paste the wall Wallpaper and close communication with the suspended ceilings. But if you have your own premises or you (by agreement with the owner) can make it a little better-be sure to do it. The office is our new home, which can be better if the room itself allows you to make it a chamber, cozy and comfortable.

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