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How to motivate with one word. Verbs-energizers hitting exactly the target!

Success in business communications is the art of speaking a Professional Management Language and using Energizer Verbs in your speech. It’s all about Verbs! Verbs must be timely, accurate, of the correct form and addressed to the will of the opponent. A little bit about the art of working with Verbs-in this article.

Are you tired of constant suggestions to your subordinates, evidence to your colleagues, and arguments to your clients?You spend a lot of energy trying to influence, and all for nothing? Do they seem “stupid”, “independent”, “unprofessional”to you? This is normal if you speak Philistine procedural language!

Philistine procedural language, in contrast to the Result-Oriented Language of a Professional, is blurred, ambiguous, and contains almost no verbs:

– Maxim, where is your report! Why don’t I see your report?

– Sergey, how long can I wait for your document! You failed us!

— You misunderstand me! That’s not what I meant!

— It should have been done yesterday!”

— We are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation on the following terms…

All these typical replicas don’t work. They can’t hear us. Our appeals are being sabotaged. Orders are executed poorly. Projects are delayed.


Because our speech lacks the Keyword of those who Govern. This word is a Verb! Moreover, the verb is simple, not complex (consisting of one word, not two or more). Present tense verb! Or a verb in the imperative mood!

The verb in the speech of the leader and negotiator acts like a shot: it hits exactly the target! A verb is, literally, a battery for recharging the activity of our interlocutor, an Energizer that activates a person’s will, directing it to the desired goals and programming it for certain actions.

– Maxim, go to the meeting room, conduct brilliant negotiations and finally get this client! — as many as three verbs from the mouth of the Manager stimulated Maxim to conduct brilliant negotiations and get the desired client. Here worked the Imperative Verb, which always acts strongly from the mouth of the leader.

“Maria, you are bringing a signed contract to my office right now!” — this is an example of a strong and almost win-win effect of the Present tense Verb.

– Ivan, I know that you are already setting up a system for us, it practically works! — here the Present tense Verb is used in relation to an action that has not yet been performed, as if the action is already being performed. In addition to inspiration, this use of the verb has a suggestive effect: the employee begins to accept the action as already occurring, activates and begins to perform.

Simple verbs of the present tense are the basic button for controlling human behavior. Verbs program us and our interlocutors for the necessary actions. The professional Manager’s favorites are the verbs ” act!”, “do it!”, “work!”.

– Working! Working! Working, gentlemen! — what is it? ” one very successful boss would say, occasionally approaching his subordinates in the room where they were working. This simple familiar verb made his division a millionaire and a leader in its industry.

With his brilliant verbs, the great Walt Disney brought together the best animators, put together a team of professionals and, building a brilliant pipeline of works of animated art, created a unique Empire, the only one in the world.

– Working, gentlemen! – goaded his employees Disney, and they worked as they did not work anywhere else!

In negotiations, the power of the verb is unlimited. The supervision of many and many negotiations has shown the author of this article that statistically more often those negotiators who know the art of Timely Verbs-Energizers win and achieve their goals.

— On what basis can we trust you?” – the opponent doubted on negotiations.

– Check us out! a master negotiator suddenly replied.

The opponent was taken aback.

“Yes, Yes, check it out!” Here are our documents! Here are the reviews and recommendations!

The opponent checked and agreed to cooperate.

He had been offered documents and recommendations many times before, but this was not a reason for cooperation. And this time he was asked to check. Just pronounced the imperative verb with a confident, positive and sincere intonation. And he agreed!

— We have been communicating for half an hour, and you have not told us anything specific! — the opponent reproached his interlocutor in other negotiations.

“Ask me!” the professional negotiator replied confidently and optimistically.

— What is it?” his opponent was surprised.

— Ask anything you are interested in, and I will answer any of your questions! — that was enough for the conversation to continue and be crowned with success.

Again, we see the same amazing effect: there were many attempts to “answer any question” of this opponent, but to offer them in this form-in the form of a confident and addressed verb addressed personally to the interlocutor-only this negotiator guessed — and so he won!

Do you speak the language of the Processalist-layman, or do you know the art of using Verbs-Energizers? Check yourself! The speech audit of senior managers conducted by the author of this article shows that the more developed the structure of Verbs in the speech of a Manager, the more successful and effective it is. Adjust your speech and practice the speech Of the leader-achiever, focused on results and rich in timely verbs that hit exactly the goal!

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