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“Thank you for your attention!”or how a sales presentation should not end

We carefully select the arguments to prepare the slides and rehearse, rehearse, then hold the presentation. And the main thing is that people are listening, and interested, nodding, agreeing with your words, but do not buy anything?

And we wonder why, what is the reason? Not enough arguments? Or are the arguments weak?

Why do our arguments lose their meaning?

Let’s dream a little! Imagine that you are going to ask for the hand and heart of your only and beloved.

You booked a table in the best restaurant, hired musicians, bought a luxury ring, always with a diamond, where without it, and put on a new suit and clean socks.

And here you are having dinner in a luxury restaurant, amazing music is playing, at some point you catch her eye, take her hand, the music becomes quieter, and your heart is pounding in your ears.

You say that you have been together for only 6-7 years and still do not know each other well, but that during this time you have managed to love your chosen one with all your heart, that you are ready to take care of her and love her for the rest of your life.

You get down on one knee, take out a beautiful box ring with that very nice diamond and say: “Thank you for your attention!”. Then leave the restaurant.

Do you think you have a chance to tie the knot with this girl?

How does a girl feel when instead of ” Marry me!”say” thank You for your attention!”?

So does your audience, which instead of ” Buy from us now!”you say the same sacramental phrase.

But, on the other hand, you can’t just say, ” Buy!»

How do I make an offer to Your audience?

There are six steps you need to take to significantly increase sales through presentations.

They are well-known and have actually been used in sales for a long time, but for some reason they are rarely found in presentations.

Let’s see what these steps are:
To summarize the above. Once again remind the customer about the problem that exists, and about the advantages of your product that solve this problem, and make it cheaper and better than competitors. Somewhere near the end of your speech, the first half of what you say is forgotten by the audience.
You need to fix the idea in people that the product is interesting to them. This is done very simply. Ask those who are interested in your product to raise their hand. At the same time, it is important to raise your hand yourself 🙂 This is an easy form of consent, after which it will be harder for the client to back down.
Offer your customers to buy a test drive, a month of free test service, and a free audit or measurement at the presentation. On the one hand, this is a step that is easy to agree to, on the other hand, the principle of self-service stores works: when you hold a product in your hands, you already consider it your own and are likely to buy it, rather than put it back on the shelf. Plus, this is a great opportunity to make a personal contact, and if the customer does not buy immediately, then you will most likely convince them in the process.
Set a time limit, preferably. For example: “you can only get a Free audit by signing up for it today after my presentation.” People have a very developed fear of loss and a thirst for profit, so this is a great incentive to act.
State the steps that the client must take to get/sign up for what you offer in clause 3. This should be the simplest and most convenient sequence of steps for the client. For example: “After the speech, I will stand at this podium. All you need to do is give me your business card, and our managers will contact you tomorrow.”
Finally, a call to action. “Feel free to come up after the performance! Take, sign up, approach, call, ask!”. Those who are engaged in contextual advertising on the Internet will confirm that an ad that contains the word “click” or “click” is visited much more often and more actively than the same ad, but without these words. This is the call to action that should be the last slide of your presentation!

As Stirlitz said: “the first and last phrase is Remembered.” And if at the end of the presentation you just say “Thank you for your attention” to the audience, the only thing they will remember about you is that you are a polite speaker.

The only action that it will perform on your ” thank You for your attention!”, this is at best, will say ” Please!”.

Don’t forget that a presentation is not a performance, not a show, but a sale! This means that it should end with a deal! Well, or at least a call to it 🙂

So complete each presentation with six steps that encourage your audience to become your customers!

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