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How to rent an apartment and live in peace

To be able to rent out an apartment is undoubtedly a good prospect for a stable profit. Some even move to other countries and live on the funds received from renting housing. But even here it is not without problems and troubles, and the culprit may be both the owner and the tenant. To protect yourself from headaches, red tape, personal and even more judicial proceedings, you should follow certain recommendations. We have collected the most popular questions that are asked daily by real estate professionals and lawyers. Alina Boyarchuk, one of the managers of OTDL, a member Of the Federal construction service of Partner group, answers the questions as an expert

Can I rent a house at all?

The answer is simple: only the owner of real estate has the right to rent out residential space. To confirm ownership, you must have a certificate of registration issued by the state register. Your relatives and friends can only rent your apartment if you have a power of attorney certified by a notary. Without this document, neither a relative nor a friend has the right to participate in the delivery, and even more so, to conclude a contract.

I am not the only owner, but the second does not mind, then can I?

Even if the other owners have no objections, they are still obliged to participate in the conclusion of the contract. It is enough to act on the part of the landlord or provide written consent to conclude the transaction. It is important that this document has legal force only if notarized, otherwise the contract of employment for a period of more than one year will not be registered in the Federal register.

Do I have to register at all?

Contracts for the delivery of housing for a period of more than 1 year are registered in Rosreestr. in other cases, a written version of the contract is sufficient. You can, of course, do not register at all and rent an apartment “in the gray”, but in this case, if there are legal proceedings, you will not be able to bring points from the contract as defense arguments.

What if my apartment is in social housing?

If your apartment was purchased under a social lease agreement, i.e. the owner is actually the state/municipality, then you can only rent it out with an official written permission. If you can’t get it from the state, then you don’t have the right to rent housing.

I’m not the only one registered in the apartment, do I need to collect signatures of residents?

There are several subtleties in this issue. Usually, if in addition to the owner in the apartment registered members of his family, then they do not need to collect consent from them. However, if the apartment is communal and has common areas, then you will need the written approval of all residents. Another important point in such housing is the presence of minor children, in this case you will have to contact the guardianship authorities and request a written permission.

Having sorted out the rights and documents, you should talk about the housing itself — its type, repair, benefits and pitfalls. Surprisingly, the principle of “the more the better” does not work in this issue.

I want to buy an apartment in a new building for rent: stupid or profitable?

Here you need to take into account the specifics of your region. According to statistics, in the real estate rental market in Moscow and St. Petersburg, one-room apartments and Studio apartments are particularly popular (about 40% of requests are for them), and two-room apartments are held in second place. As we know from the lessons of Economics, demand creates supply, so the popularity of one-bedroom apartments and studios has led to an acceleration in the growth rate of prices for this housing. Accordingly, in order to benefit, factors such as:
at what stage of construction is the house-when buying at the initial stages, it is likely that the construction of the house will be delayed or even frozen due to financial problems of the developer;
the amount of lost profit when purchasing at different stages of construction is calculated using a simple formula: the number of months until the apartment is delivered is multiplied by the estimated rent. So, at a rate of 25,000 rubles for a year of waiting for an apartment, you lose 300,000 rubles;
whether the profit from renting an apartment will cover the increase in price, if you refused to buy a property at the stage of the pit, then you need to calculate what price the rent will be able to cover. Here you will need to track the growth rate of the price of an apartment for a certain period, and then compare it with the potential income from renting over the same time;
how soon the housing will pay off-it takes into account not only how much you bought the apartment for, but also how much you invested in it after the purchase. Everything is considered-repairs, furniture, household accessories and appliances. One-bedroom apartments and the Studio will need much less material and time investment than housing in a large area, and therefore they pay for themselves quickly.
Take immediately with finishing or cheaper to repair yourself?

As the head of the customer service Department Alina Boyarchuk said, often owners decide to make repairs themselves, and then realize that they can’t cope.

“At first glance, the Wallpaper is pasted, and can be taken. In fact, to be engaged in self-finishing an apartment, even in a new building, is a matter that requires a global expenditure of both time and money. Especially if you want to do it beautifully and for a long time.”

Here you really should think a few times and evaluate your strength, because the longer you spend with the repair, the later the moment of profit from renting an apartment will come.

Moreover, Alina shared the secret of inexpensive and trouble-free repairs: “Cooperation. Moreover, cooperation with both the owner of housing, and with suppliers directly and with the developer. It is better to save money not on materials, but by using the correct approach to repair. It is better to hire the company that understands and has already adjusted technologically every stage of finishing-so the timing and quality will not be undermined.

If you take an apartment already finished, then you can rent it out immediately after registering the property. Another argument in favor of buying a home with a clean finish-reduces the likelihood of noisy repairs in neighboring apartments.

It is also worth noting that now developers often work in conjunction with finishing studios and provide the owner with a choice of several types of finishes for every taste and budget.

Rent a “naked” apartment! Who lives, that and will repair!

It is a very common phenomenon — the owner reduces the monthly rent by a maximum, but warns that the tenant will need to make repairs themselves. On the one hand, this may seem very convenient, but this decision often leads to undesirable consequences.

At least, such repairs may not meet your ideas and desires, be of poor quality, and at most — completely unfinished and spoiling the apartment. In addition, teams of guest workers often respond to such offers, so that your apartment can turn into a hostel at all. Therefore, if you do not want to get a headache, it is not recommended to rent housing under this scheme.

And if the apartment is old, do you have to make repairs?

Let’s move away from the topic of new buildings and turn to the houses of the old Fund, because they also often rent housing, and completely different — someone divides their apartment into rooms for several residents, someone rents entirely, someone chooses a daily or hourly payment.

In all these cases, if you are aiming for a long-term profit, you should make repairs! First, this way you will be able to withstand the competition of apartments in newer buildings.

Secondly, the repair of the apartment for rent is significantly different from what you are doing to yourself. And, thirdly, so you will be able to earn more. For an apartment with minimal filling, but with a clean and new renovation, you can ask for more than for one filled with grandmother’s sideboards and with a carpet on the wall.

What do people take?

If we talk directly about the requirements of tenants for their future housing, then in the first place for 84% of the surveyed Russians is the availability of repairs. The second place was shared by the presence of household appliances in the apartment and the quality of the district’s infrastructure.

No less important for 55% of Russians was the location of the rented apartment — the closer to work, the better. Only 40% of people consider the presence of a balcony important, and no more than 30% of tenants require a convenient layout and Parking.

At the end of the list of requirements were such criteria as a large square footage, the ability to temporarily register, as well as location exclusively in the city center.

It is also worth noting that apartments on the extreme floors are less willing to take-40% of respondents are not ready to live on the first floor, and about 35% are against apartments on the top floor of the house.

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