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How psychological techniques help in sales

It often happens that an employee knows his product perfectly, carefully prepares for negotiations, and as a result, the deal breaks down. An analysis of the meeting shows that the manager said everything correctly, according to the prepared plan, but … Another “salesman”, less prepared, sells in “two clicks”. What is the reason?

Success in active sales really depends on a good knowledge of the product, on understanding the needs and limitations of the client, on quality training and the ability to conduct bidding correctly. But that is not all.

It is believed that at least 90% of the negotiations take place in a non-verbal language. Everything matters: how we are dressed, what distance we occupy during the conversation, whether we are able to choose the appropriate speed of speech and intonation, whether we own “bodily signs”, whether we use psychological techniques.

A few rules for creating a positive first impression:
We go into the negotiation room confidently, immediately with “all my body.” Imagine: you are sitting in an office, there is a timid knock on the door … a head appears at the ajar door, then, as if apologizing, the rest of the body … Introduced? Now it’s clear on whose side the ball will be, and who will bend whom according to the terms of the transaction.
We introduce ourselves and simultaneously take a place no closer than 1.5 and no further than 3 meters from the other person. The corner position is ideal in negotiations.
A smile and a friendly expression are mandatory attributes of negotiations.
A business is considered to be a look in the eyes of the interlocutor.
We adapt to the intonation of the partner and the speed of speech. The interlocutor’s too slow pace is artificially accelerated, that is, we’re talking a little faster than he.
Active gestures are welcome.
Business style of clothing, neat manicure, pleasant perfume and clean shoes.
From the first minutes it is important to understand with which client we will negotiate: negative, neutral or positive:
Negative regrets the appointment. He either frankly misses or is in a hurry to complete the conversation.
The neutral one behaves passively enough, does not ask questions, is not talkative, as if waiting for involvement.
Positive is ready to buy, often takes the initiative in negotiations.
Each client has its own meeting scheme:

At the first meeting, a negative client is strictly forbidden to sell something or offer cooperation. He won’t buy anything even for 5 cents. Your task is to bring him to a neutral state, to understand why it is negative, whether he refers to you and establish trusting contacts, create agreements for the next, more productive meeting. We conduct a conversation on the topic of business, collect information about the client, feel for a buying motive, and priorities. A negative client is likely to ask nothing about your offer, except for the price. And then he declares that he will think or immediately say that it is expensive for him.

Neutral client is also not ready to buy immediately. Everything will depend on you whether you can make contact, identify a need, or shape it. This is the main task of the meeting. To sell at the first meeting is really 70–80%.

A positive customer is always confused by his willingness to buy immediately. A common mistake of a sales manager to conclude a contract immediately, without identifying the true needs, without understanding the expectations of the client. Often such a customer is sold so poorly that long-term cooperation is out of the question. This is a one-time deal, often with a low check.

How to start any meeting? From the “curtain” – this is the preparation of the client for the dialogue, the opportunity to immediately win over, demonstrate professionalism and business spirit.

Types of “curtains”:
prepared question on the topic of client’s business. Example: “I know that you have an assortment update. I personally became interested in a couple of models. And what is the reaction of customers? You show awareness, set up for a business conversation, make a compliment. That is, say some fact and ask an open question;
a ready-made proposal-idea is appropriate when you know exactly what the client needs. For example, the meeting is not the first or have collaborated previously. You hit the nail on the head, the client is delighted and open to communication;
a compliment – it is important to do it right by looking into the interlocutor’s eyes. This is a true fact, not flimsy flattery. With this technique, it is better to close the meeting than to open;
playing on a hobby, interests. If you are well prepared for the meeting, have studied the personality of the interlocutor, you can play on mutual interest in something. Here you need to follow the time and smoothly move directly to the topic of the meeting.
So, the meeting has begun, the client says. You listen, be sure to take notes and use psychological techniques that will help you to conduct the conversation in the right direction, remove the negative, “sell” your negotiator professionalism.


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